Politics can be a confusing business and politicians don't make it any easier for young people by being vague about where they stand on the issues important to them.  

Jeremy Corbyn

The most obvious betrayal of young people was by the Liberal Democrats who, in their 2010 General Elections Manifesto, promised students to scrap Higher Education Tuition Fees and then, when they were in Government with the Conservative Party, broke that promise and trebled Tuition Fees. The Student Guardian believes that this kind of dishonest politics in unacceptable and disrespectful of the views of young people and must stop. For young people to make informed decisions about politics clarity is really important and this is the reason, more than any other, why we're backing Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader. This is what Jeremy Corbyn is offering young people: 

"Young people have faced more challenges under austerity than the generation before them.

It is wrong and immoral that our young people are three times more likely to be unemployed, to be paying huge rents and struggling with enormous tuition fee debts."

Young people have been forced to disproportionately bear the brunt of this Government’s austerity measures. Jeremy is pledging stand up for youth by:

• Reducing the voting age to 16 years.

• An end to all tuition fees in further and higher education.

• The creation of a National Education Service for all free at the point of use.

• The restoration of student grants, Education Maintenance Allowance & Disabled Students Allowance

• The introduction of a statutory £10 an hour living wage for all workers, including replace the current £2.73 per hour apprenticeship rate with an equalisation of a higher, £10 a living wage across the board.

• A Labour Party committed to properly funding, increasing and improving apprenticeships schemes. Committing colleges to work in partnership with employers to mutually accredit apprenticeships and courses that offer high quality transferable skills.

• Establishing a Living Rent Commission to implement rent controls and protect tenants in the private sector by capping rent increases.

• Equal rights at work regardless of age or time worked, with a ban on zero hour contracts, and place a weekly minimum for hours on contracts.

• An end to different payments in benefits for under 25s and the same rate of Jobseekers Allowance for all seeking work and restoring equal access to housing benefit for under 21s.

• A statutory youth service to provide advice guidance and support to young people wanting to access further & higher education.

• Compulsory sexual, consensual and relationship education.

• More autonomy within the party for Young Labour, enabling them to make their own policy and run their own campaigns with fully funded youth officers.

Join Jeremy Corbyn and Labour 

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