Seven years at Finchbury School for Boys had left Edgar a sexual cripple, but as soon as he saw Jacqueline he was cured

Jacqueline could sense that Edgar had a bit of thing about her, but that was nothing new. Many men had tried to to win her affections, but somehow Edgar interested her.  Was it that they'd just clicked, or was Edgar simply a pleasant change from the short fat fisherman she lived with for twenty years?

'This can't be just lust.' Edgar pondered as he ogled Jacqueline's legs working the pedals of the XJS, it was much more than that.  The old Finchburian felt a strange stirring in his tummy and thought that perhaps that this time it could be the feeling great Aunt Hilary had warned him about all those years ago. The only other tip Aunt Hilary offered her nephew on the subject was that when it happened it would be when he least expected it.  Well, that was certainly true, Edgar hadn't expected to be picked up and taken to Devon in a bright Yellow Jaguar XJS by the most enchanting woman he had ever seen.  Could this be the true love that Aunt Hilary had counselled about, or were these peculiar abdominal stirrings just Edgar wanting the lavatory?  

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