Speculation is mounting that, because of the ‘phone hacking scandal at the News of the World, Rupert Murdoch’s other multi-million selling UK red-top, The Sun, is set to lose its readers.  


The Sun, with daily sales of around three million, out-sells the Independent and the Guardian tenfold. Why is this?  

The Sun's high celebrity content, tit bits, and lowly cover price, are undoubtedly part of the reason why the tabloids routinely sell more copies than the broadsheets, but are we underestimating the importance of the relationship the Tabloids have with their readers? 

As a result of an increasingly fragmented British society, the need for people to feel part of a wider community is not being satisfied by the Government.  In the absence of representative Government, i.e. one that listens, then acts, I believe people will continue to turn to the Tabloids to fight their corner and speak up for them. 

For example, despite Europe’s failing economic system, proven by the repeated need for public bail-outs, the UK clings to it.  Tell me, why should a man on a building site flog his guts out all day to pay taxes and then watch hopelessly as his is cash is given to Europe's bungling finance ministers to prop up profligate bankers?  

I believe that the relative strength of the Tabloid Press, The Sun, The Star, The Mirror and their ilk, are attracting millions more readers than the Qualities, because they recognise the tomfoolery that exists at the top of the economic food chain.  The Tabloids, put simply, fulfil their readers need to belong.

If you like, the Tabloid Press is providing the public with a good old-fashioned public sphere, a place where the populous are heard and represented.  Not just highfalutin PR rhetoric, but a real sense of action.   

As a consequence of the human need to belong, and the Government’s failure to satisfy this, an enduring need, a symbiosis has developed between the Tabloids and the people.  Unless the Government start to listen to the people and act decisively on issues that matter to them, the Sun and the Murdoch’s will continue to flourish. 

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